Terms & Privacy

MxL Ltd has its own insurance policy including Public and Employers Liability, Clients should have their own insurance to cover any claim or risk to their projects.

MxL Ltd accepts no liability for any loss or damage to client’s goods or products, howsoever, whatsoever or wheresoever caused and whether or not such loss or damage results from negligent act or omission by MxL Ltd.

The client warrants that it is the owner of any property entrusted to MxL ltd.’s custody or control or is authorized by the owner to accept these conditions on the owner’s behalf.

All items are stored with no insurance or liability cover. All insurances against loss or damage are the responsibility of the client. Please ensure you have your own insurance cover.

MxL Ltd shall not under any circumstances be liable for any direct or indirect consequential loss arising from the services howsoever, whensoever, or whatsoever caused and whether of not resulting from a negligent act or omission by MxL Ltd.

All property / materials used or supplied by MxL Ltd in connection with the Contract shall unless expressly agreed by in writing, be on hire for the duration of the event and will remain the property of MxL ltd until paid in full.

The Customer will be responsible for MxL ltd.’s property from the time of the delivery up until the time of collection by MxL ltd.

The Client shall be liable for any claims from injuries sustained by persons and loss of or damage to others person’s property arising during the projects period howsoever cause unless such injury loss or damage results from a negligent act or omission from the Company.

The Client shall comply with all regulations and conditions imposed by an exhibition organizer, promoter, venue owner or local or other authority and shall be responsible for obtaining their written consent to any modification there to or waiver thereof as may be necessary to enable MxL ltd to perform the works. The Client shall communicate to MxL ltd any regulations and conditions that may affect the services and indemnify MxL ltd against all liabilities arising from non compliance with any of the said regulations and conditions unless resulting from negligent act or omission of the Company.

Our pricing is based on the prevailing costs at the time of the quotation. If there is increase in the cost to MxL Ltd or a variation in the services required then the price shall be amended accordingly. Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT and any other taxes, levies or similar charges whatsoever, all of which shall be paid by the customer.

MxL ltd reserves the right to increase the price where additional work is performed at the Customers request and or to reflect any increase in the cost to MxL ltd which is due to any factor beyond the control of MxL ltd, such as without limitation, any foreign exchange, fluctuation currency regulation, alteration of duties, increase in the cost of labour, materials or other costs of performance or any failure of the Customer to give the Contractor adequate information or instructions.